The Importance of Reviews for Your Ecommerce Store

customer reviews

Business owners strive to offer superior products, excellent customer service and exceed their customers’ expectations. This combination of factors is the best way to improve brand loyalty. Improved brand loyalty means a better bottom line and more customer referrals. However, it would be best if you did even more to succeed in the vibrant and…

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Is Free Shipping Better for Business Than Lower Prices?

free shipping versus lower prices

As humans, we tend to get attracted to commodities that come with zero-dollar price tags, regardless of what they are. It would be almost unthinkable to buy a company’s branded t-shirt. But if it’s a gift? You’ll easily hop in to get one. It’s an undeniable fact that, as a society, we love freebies. How…

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The Top 10 WordPress Plugins 2022


WordPress is an incredible web hosting platform for individuals and businesses to display their blog, portfolio, or sell products on an eCommerce website. With more than 409 million people viewing more than 20 billion pages every month, it’s no secret that WordPress dominates the internet. Millions of people trust and love WordPress more than any other hosting…

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Why are Reviews Essential for Your Ecommerce Store


Today, a customer may not drive several miles to check out a product glossily displayed in a brick-and-mortar store. Instead, they check out the product details on your website, social media pages, and review sites like Yelp Angie’s List Google Reviews Facebook OpenTable, etc. According to a survey commissioned by Trustpilot—involving over 6,000 respondents on either…

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Testing WordPress and WooCommerce Plugins in Staging


The average eCommerce website earns around $330,000 per month by the end of its first year, but one mistake during an update or plugin installation can cost you your piece of the eCommerce pie. Thankfully, you can avoid that if you test your WordPress and WooCommerce plugins in staging. This article explains the process of creating a…

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Improving WooCommerce Functionality With Plugins


WordPress is the most popular and widely used CMS platform in the world. So, there’s a good chance if you have a website, it’s built on WordPress. WooCommerce is a free ecommerce plugin that is built for WordPress. Most likely, if you have or want an ecommerce site, it’s going to run best on WooCommerce.…

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6 Best Menu Plugins for WordPress 2022

Easy to use, fluid navigation is a vital component of a good website. A well-constructed menu can be the difference between a poorly performing site and one that moves its traffic smoothly through its content ecosystem.   Superfly Superfly has all the standard functionality you need in a menu plugin, with some interesting visual features for…

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7 Best WordPress Plug-Ins for Data Visualization


WordPress is a powerful platform for small business owners and web designers alike. Plugins are powerful tools that easily allow you to improve your website – everything from SEO to boosting user engagement. As the term suggests, data visualization allows you to present data visually, making it easier for users to interpret and view patterns or trends.…

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How to Use WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing


Did you know that you can add dynamic pricing to your products on your WooCommerce store? Using third-party plugins, you can introduce dynamic pricing to your products for extra customization and boost your revenue per item. With dynamic pricing, you can include sales, discounts for bulk purchases, loyalty discounts, and more. WooCommerce dynamic pricing opens…

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How To Bulk Install Your Favorite Plugins in WordPress


WordPress offers thousands of free plugins to help optimize your site’s look, performance, and manageability, but individually installing them can be extremely time-consuming. In this short guide, you will learn how to simplify this process and bulk installs your favorite plugins in WordPress, giving you time to focus on what matters — content. A Bulk…

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