WooCommerce Free Plugins

Bright Plugins team is continually adding more free WooCommerce plugins for Store Owners. Try out some of our great tools accompanied by support.

Notifications Manager for WooCommerce

There are many notifications sent out by WooCommerce to customers. In some instances, store owners need the ability to turn specific notifications off, such as low stock, no stock, receipts, etc. This plugin will allow you to pick and choose which ones.

Custom Order Status For WooCommerce

The creation, editing, and deletion of customized order statuses and their seamless integration into the order management workflow in your WooCommerce are now possible because of our Custom Order Statuses for WooCommerce plugin.

Show Stock for WooCommerce

Do you need to show the "stock quantity" under each product in the category, shop, and archive pages (wherever the loop is)? Our plugin will insert the stock quantity for you.

Cha Ching - Order Notifications for Woocommerce

Who doesn't love receiving new orders on woocommerce? To add some additional fun to your successful online business, we have created ChaChing - Order Notifications for Woocommerce.