Licenses Policy

The Bright Vessel plugins and products are created for WordPress, open-source software released under the GNU public license . Therefore, any part of our products that constitute a derivative work of WordPress is also licensed under the GPL 3.0.

All licenses are valid for a period of one year from the date of purchase unless specified as monthly. An active license key is required in order to receive updates, support, and downloads for the purchased products. Although it is not required to renew, it is highly recommended you keep up to date for security purposes and ensuring the product is working properly as WordPress evolves.

Software updates

On active licenses that have been purchased will allow updates free for one year. If you have a valid license key during the 1-year period, and your extension(s) or theme(s) support it, updates will be delivered automatically from the WordPress dashboard. If your extension(s) or your theme(s) does not support automatic upgrades, then updates can be downloaded from the page "My Downloads" in download area on our site.

Support services

Support for purchased extensions and themes is given up to one year after the purchase date. If you wish to get support after one year, you must renew your license key or purchase a new license for the extension or theme you wish to get support for.