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6 Best Menu Plugins for WordPress 2021

Easy to use, fluid navigation is a vital component of a good website. A well-constructed menu can be the difference between a poorly performing site and one that moves its traffic smoothly through its content ecosystem.   Superfly Superfly has all the standard functionality you need in a menu plugin, with some interesting visual features for […]

7 Best WordPress Plug-Ins for Data Visualization

WordPress is a powerful platform for small business owners and web designers alike. Plugins are powerful tools that easily allow you to improve your website – everything from SEO to boosting user engagement. As the term suggests, data visualization allows you to present data visually, making it easier for users to interpret and view patterns or trends. […]

How to Use WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing

Did you know that you can add dynamic pricing to your products on your WooCommerce store? Using third-party plugins, you can introduce dynamic pricing to your products for extra customization and boost your revenue per item. With dynamic pricing, you can include sales, discounts for bulk purchases, loyalty discounts, and more. WooCommerce dynamic pricing opens […]

How To Bulk Install Your Favorite Plugins in WordPress

WordPress offers thousands of free plugins to help optimize your site’s look, performance, and manageability, but individually installing them can be extremely time-consuming. In this short guide, you will learn how to simplify this process and bulk installs your favorite plugins in WordPress, giving you time to focus on what matters — content. A Bulk […]

Best WordPress Ecommerce Plugins for Online Stores in 2021

We have lots of recommended e-commerce plugins for online stores, so choosing the best one isn’t as easy as it seems. The majority of the plugins have features that suit the needs of different users. Some are good for beginners, while others have advanced features for developers to design complex e-commerce stores. Well, we will […]

Top WordPress Popup Plugins in 2021

WordPress is a hugely versatile platform upon which to build your website. When integrated with WooCommerce, the potential for converting leads into sales is immense, which is why at Bright Vessel, we’ve built over ???? e-commerce sites on WordPress.= One of the biggest innovations in recent years is the popup.  These handy intrusions can introduce special […]

How to Setup WooCommerce Free Gifts and Buy One Get One Deals

People love getting free stuff. That’s why Buy One Get One Free promotions are so great for both you and your customers. They buy something from you and get something for free. It’s a win-win! To get BOGO promotions set up on your website, check out how to setup WooCommerce free gifts and BOGO deals here! Download […]

5 Best PDF Plugins for WordPress (Viewer, Embed, & Downloads)

While it can seem a little frustrating that the PDF is still around, there are plenty of good reasons why it’s the case. It’s an excellent format that’s highly customizable, easy to download and share, and they’re more secure than other types of documents since it can be password-protected. Alas, while you might have plenty […]

How to Embed Actual Tweets in WordPress Blog Posts

There are more than 330m monthly active users on Twitter, and 145 million users access the network daily. In total, 1.3 billion accounts have been created. Influencers favor this network, too, and 10% of users write 80% online tweets. What does this tell us? Twitter is a fundamental network for users online and one of […]