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Additional Variation Images Plugin for WooCommerce Pro Version – Yearly License

When you have an online shop, you want it running smoothly and showcasing every piece of information most clearly. Among many other things, that means showcasing more images for products with variations. By default, WooCommerce can be a little clunky when it comes to showcasing the proper variations from your gallery. Luckily, as it happens with anything in the platform, tweaking this is very easy by using a plugin!

$39.00 / year

Why Should You Get Additional Images For Your WooCommerce Store

  • You’re selling physical products and want customers to see your offerings in detail.
  • You have different color, size, or shape options for the same product.
  • You want to showcase photographs from different perspectives or even zoom in to see items better.
  • You want to set yourself apart as a transparent seller with nothing to hide.
  • You can add multiple images to your product variations for easy viewing!
  • Include alternate and detailed views
  • Use high-quality images
  • Provides better context
  • Let users zoom in
  • Appealing to your customer’s emotions
  • Larger images can increase conversion
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Why Showcasing More Than One Image Is Important

Statistics show that having additional images improves conversion and sales. Having multiple images over a single image could increase conversion by 65% according to statistics from eBay and Amazon.

Customers love looking at photos of products, as it allows them to get a better glimpse of what they’re buying from you.


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