How to add new order status?

Navigate to WooCommerce > Order status Menu and click the “Add New” button.


Step #1: Add title of the order status.


Step #2: Add “Slug,” which is the URL..


Step #3 Pick an icon by selecting “Add Icon.”


Step #4: A new window will come up with the icons you can select.


Step #5: Select the color of the icon.


Step #6: Is a paid status. If you check this option, it will include download links, purchase notes, or other features when customers view these orders. Think of it as being between processing and complete.


Step #7: Add to actions on the orders page if you check this option. It will include in the orders view and actions icon.


Step #7-a: Add to actions on the orders page. This is the view of what the setting adds to the orders page. There is a new “Status” Column.


Step #8: Add to bulk actions list. This feature will allow you to bulk edit your status on the order page if checked.


Step 8-a: Add to bulk actions list. This is the view of what the setting adds to the orders page. You can bulk edit the orders to one of the custom statuses.


Step #9: Enable Email Notification

This will allow an email notification to go when the status is changed. You must have this checked for the notifications to work. You can select an internal notification for admins or the status you want the customer to receive.


Step #10: Click Publish.


Note: Edit Order Status

To edit order status. You would click on the “Custom Order Status” tab. Here you will have the list of the customer order status, which you can click on to edit.