Deposits for WooCommerce PRO Version – Yearly License

$69.00 / year

The WooCommerce Deposits and Part Payments Plugin allows you to accept deposits for your products, giving your customers more choice and flexibility over their payments. You can offer them the option to make a deposit in advance or let them make one payment and then another payment later.

As the seller, you can vary the amount the customer needs to pay upfront and alter the interim payments. That means you have complete control and can change the part-payment amounts as and when you choose. It also means you can more easily take advantage of peak sales times like Black Friday!

Why Should I Use A WooCommerce Deposits Plugin?

One benefit of this process is allowing for easier sales of your more high-priced items. With less overwhelming upfront prices, customers can feel more comfortable with a starting price rather than an immediate larger one, opening the door for successful deals.

It’s a great plugin to own. Everyone on both parties wins because it supplies security for both buyer and seller.

So Why wait?  The time is now for you to allow your customers to divide up their order payments, pay their starting price, and pay the remaining price later.

Your WooCommerce Store

Our WordPress Deposits Plugin lets you decide which of your store products you would like to offer part payments on. You can choose to set fixed amounts or a percentage of the total price. Then, once the customer is at checkout, they can select whether they would like to use the deposit option.

When the customer decides to use part payment, they will only pay the deposit at that time and the system will calculate and schedule payments for the remaining amount. You can also set email reminders that will be sent to the customer when a payment is due.

At this stage in the process, you might want to consider offering a special discount price to customers who elect to pay in full. Whether a customer chooses to pay in installments or in full at a discounted price, you win both ways by making a sale!

High-Cost Items

Customers spend more time thinking about purchasing high-ticket items before they actually buy them. If the only option is to pay for a product in full, it can limit their ability to make the purchase.

That’s where we come in! The Deposits for WooCommerce Plugin has real benefits for stores that sell high-priced items. When making a considered purchase, customers like to have more payment choices available, and many will choose to buy from a retailer that lets them split their purchase into several instalments.

Customer Retention and Loyalty

If customers like the payment options you offer, they are much more likely to return and buy from your store again. They’re also more likely to recommend you to their friends and family.


What Are the Benefits of Using a Deposit Plugin?

Partial payments on your site open will draw customers’ attention, allowing them to broaden their options and interest in your website. These partial payment plans for your products give specific customers a reason to return to your site more often to purchase what they couldn’t afford before. Due to this, you’ll develop more customer loyalty to your store.

Check Some of the Remarkable Features You Will Get Once You Use This Deposit plugin.

  • The best way to avoid losing the orders of past customers is to give a positive experience to those who couldn’t afford to pay the full price.
  • Letting them pay a starting price is how you support loyalty for their time with you. Offering flexibility for users to pay a deposit amount helps you increase the conversion rate. Sales are enhanced by giving high-value items a partial payment plan.
  • More customers will be brought in, boosting your product sales.

Need to focus on distinguishing your target audience before beginning these new strategies. Be sure to have a clear grasp of your customers, so you’ll know if they even want the option to use a partial payment plan. Once done, you can easily use our WooCommerce Deposits Plugin.

Plugin Features:

  • Allow customers to place Deposits
  • Set-Up Fixed or Percentage Deposit Amount
  • Support All WooCommerce Payment methods
  • Customers can pay full or make a partial
  • Custom Deposit Settings for each Products
  • Support Variation Products
  • Translation ready
  • Sortable Deposit Report for admin
  • Allow Customers to add Deposits and Regular products in one Order
  • Add Deposit product on click ‘Add to Cart’ button from the catalog page
  • Replace All Default Label & Messages from Setting panel.
  • Add Global deposit Settings for all products [Percentage of Amount]
  • Fixed Payment Gateway option for deposit orders
  • Cancel Pending Deposit order after [X] days
  • Custom Email Templates for a Deposit order
  • Change Radio box style
  • Deposit payment Reminder Email

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