How to add and edit custom order status in WooCommerce

How to add and edit custom order status in WooCommerce

Do you want to know How to add and edit custom order status in WooCommerce? Read this Bright Plugins article! An essential component of any WooCommerce store is order management, and the process continues from placing an order in your business until it is delivered.

 Customers and the order management staff can tell what state the order is in with the help of various order statuses. It provides a set of order statuses you may assign by default. However, several business owners desire to include personalized order statuses in their order management process.

 WooCommerce modified the order structure to accommodate manual and partial admin refunds. As with the draft, scheduled, or published post statuses, order statuses are now recorded as a custom post status.

 You can now add custom plugins for order management. Our Order status manager for Woocommerce plugin is one of the best available for free. Anyone with a store ought to have one installed.

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Why Add and Edit An Order Status?

 Proper order status utilization is crucial to assure the purchase process for any online site. Customers may need to go through several stages on an eCommerce website to complete a transaction, and naturally, fewer sales will come from these different stages.

 An eCommerce business will have a higher sales rate with fewer order statuses we need to manage. Additionally, it will make managing the entire website easier and simpler.

 However, we will require at least two different order statuses in every situation. When a user successfully places an order, the first type of order status is needed, and it can be set to on hold, pending payment, or processing.

 In a similar vein, we also require an additional order status that mirrors that of a completed order. In this case, the consumer could have paid and gotten the item. However, if an unforeseen circumstance prevents the order from being fulfilled, it may even be marked as unsuccessful and reimbursed.

 Some of the pre-defined order statuses that we are free to use:

 ● Pending payment

 ● Failed

 ● Processing

 ● Completed

 ● On hold

 ● Cancelled

 ● Refunded

 Any eCommerce website may use these order statuses just fine, and they are even more than sufficient for the needs of the typical website.

 You will undoubtedly need to design some unique statuses for your online business if these default statuses are still insufficient for you. Your clients will certainly have a better idea of the progress of their orders when you add them to your website.

 You will need to build custom order statuses, for instance, if you want an order status to particularly alert the consumers that their purchase is awaiting a call.

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If you are wondering How to add and edit custom order status in WooCommerce, better read this.

Use Custom Order Status plugin for WooCommerce - Bright Plugins

To better manage the flow of your orders, the Order Status Manager plugin enables you to add, remove, and amend order statuses.

 Thanks to this plugin, you will have a lot of flexibility in order handling. With it, you can design unique order statuses and have new emails sent out whenever a status changes. It may effortlessly integrate them into order, bulk activities, and your fulfillment process. The plugin allows users to have emails sent out when core statuses or custom statuses change.

 Overall, you can use this plugin to build order statuses that better explain the fulfillment process to clients. It will make managing orders easier and improve the client experience.

What is a custom order status for WooCommerce?

 Order pipelines differ significantly from one another. To better manage the flow of your orders, Customer Order Status lets you add, remove, and amend order statuses.

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 The order status manager allows store owners to control order statuses, add customizations, and modify and delete orders. It can simplify your order flow to fit any business model or fulfillment process.

Key Features of the Order Status Manager

 Some of the key features of the Order Status Manager are as follows:

You can make as many order statuses as you like.

 Create an infinite number of unique order statuses to suit the flow of your fulfillment orders, fully customize the choices for the custom statuses, and more.

You have the option to change the status label.

 You’ll be able to customize the status label as it suits you best.

You may change the color of the status icon or the text.

 You can list all the preliminary order statuses in the Order Status Manager. The primary statutes, label names, and colors are all fully customizable, and you can modify the imported Statuses.

You can create Payment method statuses.

Custom order status bright plugins for free

 This is another incredible feature of Our plugin. You can be able to create different statuses for your payment methods.

You can choose to get email alerts.

 With the Order Status Manager, you can also enable email notification and customize it using an email customizer.

It gives the order list page a status column.

 Another PRO feature is offered for free. You can add a status column to the order list page.

You can delete Order Statuses.

 When you turn off the plugin or when you delete custom order statuses. If there are orders with the order status that you remove, we will find them and allow you to change their order status.

You may process orders and have them autocomplete.

 Select which orders to autocomplete—virtual and downloadable, virtual orders, all orders, or none of the orders—and specify the paid status for the autocomplete orders.

How to create custom order statuses?

 After activating the plugin, follow these steps to create new Custom Order Statuses:

  • Go to WooCommerce > Order Status menu
  • Click on the “Add New” button and add the order title 
  • Enter a slug 
  • Publish

How to activate the email template for the created custom order statuses?

 Need emails to be sent out depending on your updated statuses? No problem! You can add emails that will be sent out when a status changes, and you can adjust the new templates that are produced for these emails.

  • Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Email Tab
  • Select the Email Template names 
  • Click “Enable/Disable” checkbox
  • Save Changes

 By adding all of the features included in most pro editions, such as alerts, we decided to offer the plugin completely free to assist the neighborhood and business owners.

Suppose you add new email templates triggered by status changes. In that case, it will easily automate communication with your customers, and you will easily integrate your new statuses with the rest of your order management.

 Store owners can manage order statuses and create, modify and delete custom order statuses. They can also integrate them into the order flow and simplify it to fit any business model, thanks to the Custom Order Status Manager for Woocommerce.

 Our plugin is here to offer you PRO features totally for free. You’ll have to pay for these features when you use other order management plugins, but here we offer you free.

 Please let us know if there are any problems so we can try to remedy them. Go to Bright Plugins for additional details.

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