A Definitive WooCommerce SEO Guide With Best Practices

A Definitive WooCommerce SEO Guide with Best Practices

The year is 2022, which means if your online web store lacks common SEO strategies, it is already failing. You have probably heard of SEO and SEO strategies to boost visibility and conversion rates. However, you might not know that Woocommerce Stores benefit significantly from these strategies.

 Think about this, every time you issue a command on a search engine, you will most likely interact with the first few web pages on your results page. The same thing happens with customers looking for your services. If another website ranks better on the results page, it will ‘steal’ your audience, minimizing your visibility. Visibility equals recruiting leads which may translate to future customers. If you want to work on your eCommerce SEO and improve your website’s performance, then this SEO guide is for you.

What Is SEO – A Definitive WooCommerce SEO Guide With Best Practices

Search Engine Optimization, popularly shortened as SEO, is everything you do to your website to improve its rankings on a search engine results page (SERP). Every online SEO guide will tell you that Google wants you to write for your audience first and its bots second. This recommendation means that search engine optimization practices seek to attract organic viewers. 

 You must fulfill specific parameters for Google to rank your website on its first page. For example, your content must be relevant to the user, the information must be valuable and authoritative, and your website must be usable. All these parameters must be analyzed in less than one second to ensure an increase in user experience. 

 If your website negatively impacts user experience, Google will automatically rank you lower than other better-performing WooCommerce Stores. Taking the initiative to improve your rankings and increase your organic reach is the very definition of SEO.

What Is WooCommerce SEO – A Guide With Best Practices

Now that you know what SEO means, it will be pretty easy to derive the meaning of WooCommerce SEO. By simple definition, WooCommerce SEO is everything that you do to your online store to increase its organic traffic. These are SEO strategies that are specifically tailor-made for your WooCommerce store. 

 Remember how SEO works to improve your website’s visibility? In this case, your WooCommerce site will attract potential customers, which translates to increased revenue for your business. 

 Unlike most websites, however, a WooCommerce store would require more work and attention. This difference is because when carrying out search engine optimization on a typical website, you are only working to improve the rankings of one page. On the other hand, an online store has so many different products in its catalog. When optimizing this site, the web administrator has to optimize each product as a separate entity, making the job harder. 

 SEO guides always tell you that developing a foolproof strategy takes time and energy. It might sound easier for you to resort to shortcuts and back-alley tricks, but these will harm your performance in the long run. Finding the right combination of strategies and implementing them into your website is worth all the trouble. WooCommerce SEO Guide

SEO Strategies for Your WooCommerce Store

Four aspects of WooCommerce SEO work together to develop the ultimate SEO guide for your WooCommerce store. They are content creation, the website’s technical setup, user experience, and link-building strategies. When designing the ultimate SEO strategy for your WooCommerce store, ensure you have these in mind.

 Content creation ensures you have relatable and fresh information for all your viewers at any time. Optimizing the technical aspect of your website makes it easier for Google crawlers to go through your web page. Improving your site’s user experience proves to Google that your site contains relevant, helpful, and quality information, while link-building strategies promote you as an authority in your field.

 According to a study, up to 75 percent of internet users do not scroll past the first page on the search engine results page. These scores could be highly detrimental to your brand and business. However, when you incorporate the following strategies into your website optimization techniques, you mitigate the risk of losing out on important customers.

Visual Merchandising

Imagine a store with a physical location, or rather, a supermarket. Their shelves are arranged with the particular intention of attracting a customer’s eye. There are labels everywhere that help consumers tell the grocery aisle apart from the electronics. Everything looks neat, captivating, and inviting. It is no wonder you sometimes spend close to three hours in that establishment without even realizing it. 

 Take the same idea and tailor it to suit your online store. Visual merchandising is an effective content marketing tool that visually engages your clientele as they scroll through your web pages. It is a type of branding that hopes to create the perfect first and lasting impression on its website users. This SEO strategy guarantees that the online store and its users benefit from the experience. 

Media Optimization

Types of media on websites include audio, video, GIFs, pictures/ images, etc. Media presentation is essential for your site and is one of the first few things a user will notice. They help to describe the type of products you wish to sell and give your consumers a sense of what they are about to buy.

 High-quality media on your site will increase user engagement and your SERP ranking. Increasing the number of images per product will help your conversion rates. Consumers love to interact with pictures rather than wordy content, ensuring your page caters to that.

 Using plugins ensures you only upload quality media on your site. For example, Bright Plugins offers a WooCommerce Pro Version that helps its users maintain a working platform. Users who subscribe to this bundle access exclusive features that allow them to customize their images and upload as many photos as they want on their page. 

 Bright Plugins currently offers its users a 50 percent discount on any plugin you purchase from them using the code BRIGHT50. Set yourself apart from the competition by adding this tool to your arsenal of must-haves.

Make Your WooCommerce Site Portable

Website portability ensures your site can be viewed using any screen size, for example, a desktop or a mobile phone. Since more than 50 percent of internet searches are done using a mobile phone, Google’s algorithms will favor sites that support mobile users over those that don’t. 

 When you use a responsive website design, you create a mobile-friendly environment that improves the overall user experience. A WooCommerce website should be mobile-friendly, SSL certified, use clean URLs in its structure, and maintain a good infrastructure. 

 All these ensure increased mobile responsiveness, increasing your consumer conversion rates while minimizing your bounce rates. Once Google picks up on this, it will improve your SERP ranking. 

Engage Your Viewers

Consumers want you to make them feel important, and one way to do this is by engaging them through your sites. Asking your viewers to give you ratings and reviews will help your online store in the long run, and here’s why.

 If your store is performing poorly, you will be able to act on it fast and make the necessary changes. It will also inform your consumers that you listen to their needs and are willing to take some criticism. If your store has good recommendations, Google will rank you higher, improving your reach. This higher or lower rank is because Google values customer satisfaction, and as per the online recommendations, your store seems to offer exactly that. 

 Encourage customer feedback across all your sites. Aside from positively influencing your SEO results, they help to build customer trust. 

Keyword Optimization

Keyword optimization is integral to content SEO and helps define your relevance to a user’s search. Including your primary keywords in the title, subtitles, meta title, meta description, URL, image descriptions, etc., increases your relevance. A keyword search informs you which keywords influence customer searches, giving you an idea of the type of words to use in your web pages.



Search engine optimization is essential for WooCommerce Stores, and it could be the difference between the success or failure of your site. There are a lot of crucial steps to building an iron-clad strategy that works for your business. The first step to increasing your conversion rates is attracting traffic to your site, and Bright Plugins understands how important it is for your business. You can preorder our plugins using our discount code BRIGHT50 and begin your journey at creating a responsive site. Contact Bright Plugins today for more information.

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