Deposits for WooCommerce

How to Enable a Product’s Deposit Feature

After activating the plugin on the website, locate the “deposit” tab. From there, you will be able to manage your deposit options.

  1. Click on the Deposit tab.
  1. Check the box you see there to enable the deposit feature.
  1. Determine the type of your deposit and then select a percentage or fixed amount.
  1. Your selection in step 3 determines the deposit value. This field will not be empty.
  1. Full payment will be selected by default. If customers click “add to cart” from the catalog page(s) or pre-select “Pay Deposit,” this box will be checked.

How to Make Your “Due Payment” for Deposit Orders

To make your “Due Payment,” start by logging on to your account. Then, click on the “Orders” menu. Alternatively, you can follow the direct link in your email invoice.

From here, you will see the deposit summary and have the option to pay the balance due.

Watch this video to see it in action:

How to Disable Payment Gateways on the Checkout Page

There is a separate setting for disabling deposit payment methods on the checkout page. To find this, click on Deposit Settings and then click on General Settings.

From there, check the box next to the payment gateways you’re looking to disable on the checkout page. Be sure to save the changes you make. There is a box you’ll need to check to save your changes.

How to Set Up a Customer’s Deposit Payment Reminders

As of version 2.0.2, we’ve added two modes for sending customers their payment reminder emails.

X Days after the first payment: #

The shop admin can select a reminder date X days after the payment is made. If a customer places an order on June 1st and the admin selects a reminder date of 7, the reminder email will be sent out on June 8th.

Based on product status: #

The reminder email is sent with this setting when the shop owner manually changes the order status from “Deposit Payment” to “selected Order status from reminder option”.

Shop owners who take custom orders for products or ship globally will find this feature very useful.

Manual Deposit Reminder: #

Send the deposit reminder manually, just like the default WooCommerce Order actions.

Email Templates for Deposit Orders

We have added five new templates for deposit orders. The new templates are customizable.

New Deposit: #

Send these emails sent to your chosen recipient(s) when you receive a new deposit.

Deposit Order: #

These deposit emails are sent to customers with details of their deposit information and provide payment links.

Deposit Fully Paid: #

Send these emails when you receive a new deposit, and the balance is settled in full.

Deposit Reminder: #

Send these when a customer has a payment due.

Read More: Template structure & Overriding Templates via a Theme.

What to Expect After Upgrading From the Free Version

We offer our sincerest thanks for upgrading to the Pro version of our software. You will find that we’ve added many exciting features that were not available in the free version.

Currently, there are a few data conflict issues during the upgrading process. However, the patch is in development and will resolve those issues.

If you upgrade from the free version or version 1.x (pro) to version 2.0, follow the details listed below to ensure that the plugin works with your existing deposit data.

You need to update all deposit-type products. Fortunately, it’s a simple process. To do this, open the deposit product editing page and click on the update button. Now, the products are updated, and you’re ready to proceed.

We have a script that will migrate your existing deposit list into the new database. Just allow us to have staging access to your site, and our developers will handle the rest of the process for you. After your approval, we will then run the script for you on your main site. Note: We test this process on staging first, so we can ensure things are operating correctly. If you don’t have staging on your site and want to run the process on your live site, make sure to save a backup of your site and fill out the form here for migration support.

Soon, these processes will be automated to migrate upon plugin activation.

FAQ – Deposit for WooCommerce

Why are deposit options not displayed in the variation product tab?

The variation product has a different price option, so we’ve moved it from the default “deposit options” section to under each variation in the product data field.