Best WooCommerce Points and Rewards Plugins 2020

Should your online store be enabled by the ever-popular WooCommerce platform, there are many different plug-ins that you can utilize to reward your customers with points. The points rewards systems are beneficial because it drives customer loyalty, for those customers who plan to use your website regularly and those who use the site for special occasions.

Regardless of the nature of your e-commerce business and your target market, we have found that the points for purchase across the board are an effective marketing tool to encourage customers to return to the e-commerce store and drive a consistent increase in the number of their purchases. Like everyone else, customers like to feel rewarded for their actions and feel like they are making progress toward a goal. So, below, we have outlined the top most favored points and rewards plugins for WooCommerce.

Loyalty Points and Rewards Plug-In

This is a wonderful plug-in for small businesses and mass merchandisers alike. This store rewards customers for things like product purchases and subscriptions. One amazing feature that this particular plug-in has to offer is that it rewards customers twenty points each time they write a business review. When the customer writes a positive review of one of the business products, they are rewarded within the point system. Loyalty Points and Rewards plug-in also has a refer a friend program that earns points. In this program, the customer can refer their friends, family, colleagues, and loved ones to the website to take part. This action rewards the customer with twenty points every time they refer. The customer has only to send his personal referral URL link to the referred party, and once that individual makes their first order with your company, the person who referred them earns their twenty points. Additionally, the referred gets a head start on the points earning process by earning ten points to sign up with the customer’s URL link.

One other aspect of this plug-in that is beneficial is the Launcher Widget. This program launches a pop-up widget on the website to reveal discounts and reward opportunities when they click on certain items. This is an effective marketing tool because it contains a surprise and encourages the customer to purchase an interactive model.

Loyalty Points and Rewards Plug-In for WooCommerce


Gratisfaction is another one of the most effective points and rewards plug-ins on the market for WooCommerce online stores. This brand offers the website designer many features. This plug-in rewards the customer for purchasing, posting a review, signing up, and social shares. The latter is a feature that lacks many other points and rewards plug-ins yet are so relevant in today’s modern consumer pools.

While socializing may occur at the restaurant, library, marketing, book club, or social event, many individuals do some of their socializing online. This occurs in the form of social media. Social media is a standard aspect of daily life, and satisfied customers often boast of their purchases through their online media channels. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all very successful social media platform companies that have built their businesses are the public tendency to share consumer information online. The team who designed Gratisfaction understand this concept and, so, cleverly enough, have developed a system to reward customers with WooCommerce points for sharing their brand on social media.

In addition to this social media sharing points program, the Gratisfaction rewards plugin offers gifts for earning points. This means that the customer is more apt to earn points because it is clear how these points may result in a tangible reward for their efforts.

Gratisfaction Plug-In for WooCommerce


myCred is one of the best Rewards plugins for WooCommerce that takes the word award literally. This system is best designed for customers who value not only WooCommerce points but the sense of being acknowledged positively for their purchases. This is most well-suited for those striving to achieve accolades, as the system is based on earning ranks and badges. As opposed to a more simple points and rewards system, the myCred plug-in consists of many achievement levels. It offers rewards in the form of honorable recognition for achieving these purchase goals. This is a system that is targeted more toward the target market of young adult professionals. Since the plugin rewards ranks and badges, the e-commerce business owner is encouraged to dole out points more liberally than he or she might other plugins that do not offer such official recognition of customer achievement. For example, the business owner may customize the plugin to reward the customer with points simply logging into the website or viewing a featured item.

The ranks and badges system can be reserved for customer actions that are of considerable value. For example, the website designer may reward the customer with a copper rank for purchasing $100 in a week, a silver rank for purchasing $200 in a week, and a gold rank for purchasing $500 in a week. The badges feature no this app allows the designer to customize the badge in thorough details. Not only does the designer choose which actions the badge is awarded, but he or she also may choose the image with full customization. The website owner can adjust the appearance of the rewards. There are many levels of badges to be earned. Depending upon the website owner’s e-commerce aesthetic, he may choose to alter the badge size. The CSS styling editing options within the plugin allow the website designer to create a large, boisterous badge for the customer to earn or a humble badge. One of the best features of the myCred plugin for WooCommerce is the great extent to which it allows the website owner to customize the program’s intricate details.

myCred Rewards plugins for WooCommerce

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