5 SEO Tips for WooCommerce Stores


A user-friendly and responsive WooCommerce store makes your products easily accessible. However, a well-designed and properly-themed WooCommerce store does not translate to sales and traffic. You have to advertise your website immensely through the proper channels to attract high-quality and long-lasting traffic. All in all, you’re required to make your store SEO-friendly and mobile-friendly to win the favor of search engines and get ranked higher on search results. Read on to know the most effective SEO tips to improve your WooCommerce store’s ranking.

SEO tips

1. Keyword Research

Research the keywords you want your store to rank for and which words your audiences research. There are multiple variations of every keyword, but they don’t necessarily attract the same volume of search traffic. The goal is to make search engines understand every page of your eCommerce website and rank for the particular keywords. Here are some SEO tips to conduct effective research and develop the most valuable keywords for your WooCommerce store:

  • Conduct manual keyword research. Start by listing the search terms you already know. At this stage, you don’t need to be overly specific.
  • Exploit the available data. Use the data and analytics to identify keywords relevant to your brand. There are many paid keyword research tools you can use to search for relevant keywords, including Moz Keyword Explorer and Google Analytics.
  • Choose unique keywords. From the keywords you already have, eliminate the general ones and go for the unique ones with higher search preferences. You can use keyword explorer tools to identify keywords with higher search volume. Choose keywords with higher search volume but do not emphasize the keywords your competitors use frequently.

2. Write Impressive Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are among the most effective SEO tips WooCommerce store owners cannot overlook. Studies have indicated that over 87% of ecommerce store customers find product descriptions essential when making purchase decisions. Creative and thought-provoking product descriptions can increase purchase rates and increase overall sales. When writing product descriptions, consider the following SEO tips:

  • Picture yourself as the buyer, and write an enticing and attention-grabbing product description.
  • Be creative and imaginative to entice and woo your buyers to take action. You can imagine a pain point and describe how the product will offer an ultimate solution.
  • Use social proof and good examples to tempt buyers to take action or purchase your products.
  • Describe how the product’s features can benefit the buyer without being overly salesy or making unfounded claims.
  • Do not overuse superlatives without giving relevant proof and justification.
  • Tell the buyer why your product has what it takes to address their unique needs and solve their problems.

3. Write Unique Content

One of the many ways WooCommerce store owners kill their websites’ SEO traffic is by sharing plagiarized content. Plagiarized product descriptions confuse search engines and make it difficult for Google and other search engines to direct traffic to the relevant pages. Search engines find it challenging to figure out which of the pages have unique content. The following are effective ways to avoid content duplication in your ecommerce store:

  • Avoid copying and pasting manufacturer descriptions. If you have sold products online, you have come across dozens of duplicate product descriptions. Google can differentiate between the original content poster and the plagiarized one. Instead of copying and pasting the descriptions from the product manufacturer, craft unique, attention-grabbing descriptions, and watch your traffic grow.
  • Check your URL structure for duplication. You can use a tool like Yoast to identify technical issues such as pagination issues, session IDs, and tracking links.

SEO tips

4. Optimize Your Website for Fast Loading

Search engines pay more attention to the speed of a website when ranking product pages. There are many effective ways to make a website load fast, below being the main ones:

  • Optimize website images. Compress media files and only use the recommended file size.
  • Select the best website host. The most significant determinant of a website’s speed is the host.
  • Update your WordPress, plugins, and theme regularly. Updated websites with optimized code load faster.
  • Install proper CDN. Content delivery networks store all heavy files off the website while loading the website from distributed server. The result is enhanced performance and fast loading.
  • Correctly set up your website caching. The purpose of a cache is to save a version of the eCommerce website on the visitor’s browser. The website will load quickly and easily the next time the visitor opens it.

5. Simplify Your URL’s Structure for Search Engines

When it comes to WooCommerce website functionality and usability, URL structuring also matters. A well-structured website URL makes your website easier to rank on websites while improving the user experience. Instead of using long and complicated URLs, consider settling for descriptive URLs with a concise website name.

A general URL name may be good, but we recommend going the extra mile to make it unique and compelling without sounding too complicated. When the space allows, consider adding keywords to your website URLs. For example, you can add the keyword “branded shoes” on your website URLs if that’s the product you sell. It will make it easily searchable and increase the odds of your website getting noticed by search engines.


Optimizing your WooCommerce and WordPress store for SEO is an essential step to increasing your search engine ranking, brand reputation, and website traffic. We at Bright Plugins are a team of experts with in-depth knowledge of SEO, WooCommerce, and WordPress. We have many more SEO tips for you!

At Bright Plugins, we offer a myriad of high-quality and affordable WooCommerce and WordPress-related services. We can help you optimize your store to rank higher on search results and attract more traffic. Our qualified team understands and knows how to implement preorders on WooCommerce and WordPress websites. Learn more about our plugin here! 


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