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Cha Ching - Order Notifications for Woocommerce

Who doesn't love receiving new orders on woocommerce? To add some additional fun to your successful online business, we have created ChaChing - Order Notifications for Woocommerce.

The ChaChing plugin will show a popup notification for every new order received with a unique ChaChing sound. If you are an ecommerce store with a high volume of orders, you can remove the sound and only show the popup notification.

We understand that as a business, it is difficult to manage everything, including orders. Adding the ChaChing plugin to your site will prevent you from missing a sale!

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  • Popup Notification with a sound alert when a new order is received
  • Notification will only show for a few seconds before it disappears
  • Ability to turn the sound alert on and off
  • Receive notification only for a specific category and product