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Custom Order Status For WooCommerce

The creation, editing, and deletion of customized order statuses and their seamless integration into the order management workflow in your WooCommerce are now possible because of our Custom Order Statuses for WooCommerce plugin.

Display A Quick View Button To See Additional Product Details

If you're looking to add a quick view button to your e-commerce platform, then this is the plugin for you. Our quick view plugin provides you with a clickable button that allows users to access additional product details when selected. This information pops up in a lightbox and is available for all of your product loops.

Our quick view plugin has two different triggers, which can be voluntarily enabled. Firstly, you can either display a quick view button on your product loop, as mentioned. Alternatively, you can set up an add to cart button that opens the additional information lightbox when clicked, allowing you to showcase product variation where necessary.

Use Custom Order Status For WooCommerce because it allows you to:

  • Display the descriptions of order status to customers. This can be done on the View Order page and explains the order status

  • Add action buttons or icons and create fresh order statuses

  • Add a "next status" by editing core statuses on WooCommerce. This addition is for the new action button

  • Create efficient workflows for fulfillment and facilitate the addition of action buttons for order by using 'Next Statuses"

  • Incorporate bulk actions in the list for orders. These are for new statuses

  • Re-order order statuses using drag-and-drop to change the way the admins see them

  • Replace text badges with status icons in "Orders"

  • Use custom status orders in the reports of shops

  • Add "Paid" mark to order statuses for the inclusion of purchase notes, download links, or various other features. This is for orders being viewed by customers

  • Show links with "Cancel" or "Pay" by marking "requires payment" to order statuses

  • Incorporate new emails for an order that can use changes in status for triggering

  • Use new templates for the editing of fresh email content

  • Facilitate the importation of current custom statuses from various plugins and custom code

  • Remove custom statuses safely without tampering with orders

Addition of New Order Statuses

You can incorporate a new order status and also choose a display icon in the list of orders. You can also add action buttons if you use them as "Next Status" by a different status in the flow of your order. You can also choose the action buttons for status display by adding "next statuses".

Editing Core Statuses

You can carry out the addition of "next statuses" by editing a core order in WooCommerce. For instance, the addition of a custom status in the form of a "Next Status" for order processing.

Therefore, for processing orders, this will display your action button with custom status.

That simplifies the management of orders into a feature that is faster and easier to use. That is so due to the complete integration of custom statuses into the workflow of orders.

Addition of New Order Emails

You can incorporate new order emails according to changes in the custom orders. This includes changes in the statuses of custom orders. After adding these emails, you can edit or enable them on the email lists in WooCommerce. You can also exercise more control over content by overriding our template's theme.

Show Status Info to Customers

Your customers can get agitated by the management of orders if they fail to trace their orders. While your workflow fulfillment relies on your statuses, the display of such statuses as "Assembling" or "Manufactured" doesn't present any helpful information to customers.

It is now possible for you to pick a status' description which will be visible to your customers the moment their mouse hovers over the status of their order.

Completion of Order Status Management

  1. Buy and download the Custom Order Status For WooCommerce extension
  2. Upload the extension and install it into your store on WooCommerce
  3. Navigate to WooCommerce, find Settings, click on Order Statuses, then add new email triggers or statuses
  4. If you need to, edit the content of your email
  5. Enjoy the new experience

Get Started:

It is now possible for you to include custom statuses into the scheme of your order management instead of incorporating one-off statuses that merge your statuses, emails, or process 'of fulfillment. You can incorporate the automation of the management of your order and tailor your store's orders using new emails, custom icons, and action buttons.