Top 10 Chrome Extensions for Marketers


The world of internet marketing is competitive and always evolving. The best way to stay on top of your game is to keep up to date on all the different ways to promote your business and make it a success. One of these ways is to use Top 10 Chrome extensions for marketers. Here are some reasons why it is essential to use chrome extensions and the best extensions for marketers today.

Why Use Chrome Extensions

Install and manage extensions

The Google Chrome browser launched in 2008, and since then, it has become a popular choice for marketers. One of the reasons it is a good option for those in the marketing field is the ability to use extensions to increase efficiency and productivity in many ways.

Different extensions can provide different services, so users can tailor their experiences to match their goals. This can help marketers focus on tasks and uses of most value to them and their clients.

Because there are so many different extensions, it is easy to become overwhelmed when looking through the Chrome web store for options. It is better to research beforehand the kind of extensions that will be of most use to you.

While installing countless extensions will not prove useful in many cases, making some deliberate choices about what to use can increase productivity and results. There are many tutorials on how to install extensions if you get stuck.

Here are a few of our favorite extensions that you may want to consider for your use.

Best Extensions for Marketers

Bitly or

bitly extension logo

  • is an extension that is great for editing and sharing your links. You can make a link more shareable by shortening it and customizing the domain to fit your business. You can also use this extension to track analytics to see which marketing strategies you are using are providing the best results. You can track this data in real-time, so you know the results you see are accurate and updated.


Buffer logo extension

  • Buffer: This Chrome extension is the easiest way to share other content that is not from your website with your followers. Because the plugin is directly linked to your browser, it is easy to share content when you come across it during the day. You can schedule the posts to appear at specific times when you typically see the most traffic, and the analytics feature will allow you to see which posts are providing the most engagement.


Colorzilla logo extension

  • Colorzilla: This plugin is great for marketers who have a knack for website design. With Colorzilla, you can pull color off any webpage and learn the color number and save the hex code so you can use it with your website or content creation. Since the color is stored in your browser, you can transfer it to Photoshop, GoogleDraw, or other design tools very easily.


Pushbullet logo extension

  • Pushbullet: Pushbullet focuses on file sharing between devices. You can send files, links, or pictures to the devices of friends and family members easily. You can also use it to transfer files between your own devices, so you no longer have to upload them to the Cloud or email them to yourself to use them.


Ghostery logo extension

  • Ghostery: Tracking is an important aspect of marketing – not only for your website but also for other websites. When you can see trackers, pixels, beacons, and bugs that other companies are using and placing on pages, you will be able to determine who is looking at you and where you can opt-out of these tracking devices. Getting a look at your competition will let you formulate your competitive strategy.


Diigo Web Collector logo extension

  • Diigo Web Collector: Diigo is perfect for people who write a lot of content. If you write a lot of content, then you probably spend a lot of time researching. Diigo is helpful because you can save pages, highlight specific information on pages, and store references later. You can access this saved information from any computer and browse it for easy content writing when you need it.


Followr logo extension

  • Followr: Followr is a great plugin to use if you try to increase the number of followers you have to your own Twitter account. The more you use your Twitter, the more this extension will recommend Tweets for you to favorite to connect with an audience likely to benefit from your content. It scans tweets throughout the day related to your tweets and the people you follow, so the recommendations lead to quality followers.


LastPass Logo extension

  • LastPass: When you have accounts on multiple platforms for social media and marketing tools, it can be hard to remember all the passwords. LastPass stores all the passwords for your sites, which allows you secure access on any device as long as you remember the master password for this extension. This can be a real lifesaver when juggling a couple of dozen passwords between your personal and professional accounts.


Sniply Logo Extension

  • Sniply: Sniply helps to drive traffic back to your website from other websites. You can embed a personalized call-to-action onto other websites with a message. Strategically placing these on websites where your target demographic spends their time will allow you to find quality traffic to move to your website.

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