Pre-Orders for WooCommerce Pro Version – Yearly License

$79.00 / year

An efficient system that easily translates to the specific needs of a WooCommerce storefront, our plugin allows you to follow up on pre-sales in a comprehensive way.

The wait for a new product (or the return of a popular one) is a great opportunity to gain new customers or engage older ones. However, too many companies misuse this unique time until customers lose interest.

Why Use a Pre-order Strategy?

Too often, companies fail to take advantage of customers’ expectations when releasing a new product. If you already have a prototype you can take pictures of, you can start promoting the offerings and pre-sell. By adding pre-orders to your site, you can:

  • Build a hype campaign that keeps customers interested in what’s coming.
  • Put products on sale before they’re available.
  • Watch as sales soar even before you’ve released the product.
  • Inform customers the second item become available.
  • Offer discounts to people who pre-order.

Here’s what you can do with the Bright Plugin’s WooCommerce Pre-order Plugin:

  • Manage all pre-orders through a specialized section on My Account.
  • Set up a “pre-order” status for both simple and variable products.
  • Create an expiration date for preorder periods.
  • Filter all orders that include products ordered during the “preorder” phase.
  • Make products available automatically as soon as the preorder period ends.
  • Prevent customers from adding preorder products when they have already-available items on their carts.
  • Edit single product prices during the preorder period: fixed, percentage, or markup on the base price.
  • Enable the pre-order option for a variable product, in the case that every variation was previously added to the preorder status.
  • Notify users when products’ preorder periods are over and they’ve become fully available.
  • Notify website admins when products’ preorder periods are nearing their ends, emailing them a set amount of days before the date.
  • Apply “pre-order” status to more than one product through a WordPress Bulk action grouped by category.

Case #1 – Treat the whole order as a preorder

If you choose this mode, the customer will be able to select a shipping date, and all products will be shipped together at that specific day.

That day will be limited to the latest preorder date available, for instance, if the order has 3 different products marked as preorder ones:

  • Product A will be available on the 1st of September
  • Product B will be available on the 3rd of September
  • Product C will be available on the 1st of October

Then, the minimum shipping date will be the 1st of October (i.e: the minimum date when all products will be available).

Case #3 – Generate separate orders for each preorder products

If you choose this mode, then the customer will get one order for all in-stock products, and then one order for each pre-order product which will be shipped on each specific pre-order date.

Some other preorder features we offer:

  • Pick an optional date and time when the product will be available for purchase
  • Set and Change release dates for preorder products
  • Email feature that allows admins to notify all customers who pre-ordered a product
  • If products are no longer available, current preorders can be canceled.
  • Easily filter through all preorders with a custom order status
  • Compatible with simple and variant products
  • Customize the text on the add to cart buttons for preorders

Case #2 – Generate two separate orders, one for preorders and one for in-stock products

If you choose this mode, the customer will get two different orders generated, one for preorder products and one for in-stock ones. For instance, if your order looks like this:

  • Product A is in-stock
  • Product B will be available on the 1st of September
  • Product C is in-stock

Then you will get an order which will be processed now, with products A and C, and then another order which will be shipped on the 1st of September.

Case #4 – Allow only preorders

Use this mode if you want to only allow your customers to either choose preorder products or available ones.

How to install Preorders for WooCommerce

In this video, we will do a quick run-through on how easy it is to install Preorders for WooCommerce.

Pre-order Modes

Right now we have 4 different pre-ordering modes in our plugin. Here are the cases that our plugin currently handles:


Additional Preorder Screenshots