Product Bundles For WooCommerce

You can now increase your sales exponentially by bundling various products together and offering them at discounted prices. Product bundles are, without a doubt, among the best marketing strategies in existence. Plus, it is also an essential tactic that you can use to create products with multiple parts.


Product Bundles For WooCommerce are crafted beautifully. You can use it to cover almost all bundling requirements in this modern world. The features that the Product Bundles package has- including inventory management, shipping, and pricing, have proved helpful to thousands of builders and merchants alike.


If you want to add such features as multi-currency and checkout to your store, or if you aim to offer your customers memberships, subscriptions, or to allow for donations, Product Bundles For WooCommerce is the best option for you.

Create Discount Packages in Bulk

If you want to offer customers a collection of various related products, adding a bundle to your catalog may be the best option. And, you can get the offer to be more attractive by discounting the complete package or specific items.


Product Bundles also allow you to create rules for bulk discounting fast and efficiently. That will enable you to give selected customers with more purchases higher discounts.

Creation of Assembled Products

You can use various parts that are managed by inventory for building assembled products and controlling the visibility of each item in the bundle. You can do this for any item in order or email, cart or checkout, and single-product templates.


You can also carry out the creation and shipping of bundles that have been fully unassembled, assembled, or partially assembled.

Recommendation of essentials and add-ons

You can add Frequently Bought Together recommendations to the most purchased products and maximize the impact of advice to increase the value of your average order.

Offer Upsells with Extra Engagement

You can use upsells and shortcodes to promote bundles on any of the spots in your store, just like you can do so for any of your catalog’s products.


Product Recommendations integration with Product Bundles has made the recommendation of all bundles with products much easier for you.
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