Increase the hype of your upcoming products with this plugin for Pre-Orders

Increase the hype of your upcoming products with this plugin for Pre-Orders

By reading this article, you can increase the hype of your upcoming products with this plugin for Pre-Orders! If you have upcoming products, a plugin for pre-orders could come in handy to promote them. Usually, a pre-order is an order for a product you haven’t launched yet. It usually occurs when individuals can’t find something they’re looking for because of their popularity.

Fortunately for you, Bright Plugins has WooCommerce pre-orders that enable your customers to buy a product that’s currently out of stock at your store. That notwithstanding, you get a 50 % discount when you use the code BRIGHT50. That said, here’s how you can use this plugin to promote your upcoming products.

Why Do You Need Pre-Orders? 

Sometimes, businesses fail to take advantage of their client’s expectations when they have upcoming products. That’s where including pre-orders on your websites comes into play. If you have a prototype, you could take pictures, begin promoting the product, and pre-sell it.

With this plugin, you could quickly build a hype campaign that ensures your clients anticipate the upcoming products. That notwithstanding, you could use it to place specific products on sale before they’re available.

Bright Plugins for WooCommerce also helps you watch as sales increase even before you launch the product. It also tells customers when the products become available and offer discounts for pre-order clients. Mainly, customers get a 50 % discount when they use the code BRIGHT50.

Benefits of a Pre-Order Feature – Increase the hype of your upcoming products with this plugin for Pre-Orders 

Using a pre-order has significant benefits. However, you must keep in mind that these benefits differ based on the products you’re offering, as well as the type of business you run. Overall, here are some notable benefits.

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  • It gives you a sense of the market.

Even if a product hasn’t yet been launched, pre-orders can help you anticipate demand and give you a decent indication of what to expect. As a result, before some things are made available, you may see how many people are interested in them.

For instance, well-known large corporations employ this tactic to comprehend their markets more clearly. Smaller companies can also utilize this information to plan purchases and inventory decisions.

  • It helps in promoting the product.

Many companies develop marketing plans specifically for pre-order products. They aid businesses in understanding consumer demand for particular products by generating awareness of and interest in such goods.

Additionally, search engine optimization benefits from this. When the product is released to the public, the major search engines should have already indexed it, which will assist drive more new and returning visitors to your website.

  • It guarantees sales

You can be guaranteed some sales. Most firms first worry about how a new product will fare after it is released on the market. Pre-orders might ease your mind because they guarantee that those things will sell within a specific time limit.

However, before diving headfirst into the pre-order world, you should be aware of something. You’ll need an effective distribution method to have a successful pre-order product. Your success may sometimes depend on where your items come from. If you rely on a supplier suffering delays, you might need to modify your plans.

If you delay a pre-order item, your buyers can get worried or lose faith in you. The advantages of allowing a pre-order can be defeated by any problems that impair such products. To prevent this from happening, you can use Bright’s WooCommerce pre-order.

What Can You Expect from Our WooCommerce Pre-Order 

Here are some of the things you could do with a WooCommerce pre-order.

  • You can set up a pre-order status for both variable and simple items.
  • You could manage all pre-orders via a specialized section on My Account.
  • You could form an expiration date for pre-order products
  • You can make the products available automatically the second the pre-order period ends.
  • You can filter all orders that incorporate items ordered during the pre-order period.
  • You can prevent clients from adding pre-order items when they have already-available products on their carts.
  • You can allow a pre-order option for variable products, especially when every variation was previously included in the pre-order status.

  • You can edit single product prices during the pre-order period. The costs could be fixed, a percentage, or a markup on the base price.
  • You can notify:
    • Clients when an item’s pre-order period ends, and it becomes fully available.
    • Your site administrators when items’ pre-order periods are close to finishing. You can email them a couple of days before the expiration date.
  • You could apply pre-order status to more than one item via a WordPress Bulk action, which is grouped by category.

Case 1 – Treat the Entire Order as a Pre-Order

If you select this mode, your client can choose a shipping date, and every item gets shipped together on the specified day. However, that day is usually limited to the latest pre-order date, and it indicates the minimum shipping date when all products become fully available.


Case 2 – Generate Two Separate Orders, One for Products in Stock and Another for Pre-Order Items

If you select this mode, the client gets two separate orders generated. One will be for pre-order products and the second for in-stock items. The latter is processed immediately, while pre-order items are processed when they’re fully available.


Case 3 – Generate Different Orders for Every Pre-Order Items

If you settle for this mode, your client will receive an order for all items in stock and one for every pre-order item, which gets shipped on each specific pre-order date.

Case 4 – Allow Only Pre-Orders

You should only select this mode when you want to enable your clients to either select available products or pre-order ones.

Extra Features from Our WooCommerce Pre-Order

Apart from the features mentioned above, you’ll get some other features from Bright’s pre-order.

  • Select an optional time and date when the item will become available for purchase
  • An email feature that lets administrators notify all clients who pre-ordered an item
  • Set and change release dates for pre-order items
  • Easily filter through all pre-order products with a custom order status
  • If all items are no longer available, you can cancel the current pre-order
  • You can customize the text on the add-to-cart buttons for pre-order items


  • It is compatible with both variant and simple products

Conclusion of Increase the hype of your upcoming products with this plugin for Pre-Orders 

If you have upcoming products, you could promote their hype by using a pre-order. Technically, a pre-order is an order for something that you haven’t released yet. It usually happens when individuals cannot find the items they want to purchase.

Using Bright’s WooCommerce pre-order could benefit your business in significant ways. It can guarantee sales and help you promote specific products. That notwithstanding, you can rely on it to make sense of the market.

That said, are you looking to hype a product you intend to launch soon? Well, our company understands your plight and the importance of a pre-order for your site. Click here to get our pre-order plugin today!


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Increase the hype of your upcoming products with this plugin for Pre-Orders

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