Preorders for WooCommerce – Free Version

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Video Overview

Preorders for WooCommerce - Step #1


1. Login to your WordPress backend and go to your dashboard.

Preorders for WooCommerce - Step #2

2. On the lefthand column, go to the “Plugin” tab, then click “Add New.”

Preorders for WooCommerce Step 3

3. To install the version you will need to use the search bar and type in “Preorders for WooCommerce.” Below you should then see the plugin which you can verify by looking at “By Team Bright Plugins.” After locating the correct plugin. Click the “Install Button.” To install Premium Version go to the next slide.

Preorders for WooCommerce - Step #4

1. After you either installed, you will come to the window states, “Plugin installed successfully,” click the “Activate Plugin.”

Preorders for WooCommerce - Step #10

Add Preorder Product

1. Go to your “Products” tab on the left navigation panel and click “Add New”

Preorders for WooCommerce - width=

2. Go to the “Product data” panel and then click on the “Inventory” tab. On the right-hand side, you will see the settings for the “Preorder Product.” Checking the box will enable the product to be used for preorders.

Preorders for WooCommerce - Step #12

3. Set the date on when your Preorder Product will be available.

Preorders for WooCommerce - Step #13

4. Your product is now ready for preorders. Hit publish and then view the product page.

Preorders for WooCommerce - Step #14

5. Go to the new “Product Page.” You will now see the product button states, “Preorder Now!” Go ahead and click the button to add to cart and then view cart.

Preorders for WooCommerce - Step #15

When viewing cart, you will notice there is a “Note” in red stating when the product will be available based on the date selected on the product page.

Preorders for WooCommerce Step 9b

Preorder Settings

1. Go to the “WooCommerce” on the lefthand side tab, then click on “Settings.”

Treat the whole order as a preorder

If you choose this mode, the customer will be able to select a shipping date, and all products will be shipped together on that specific day. That day will be limited to the latest preorder date available, for instance, if the order has 3 different products marked as preorder ones:

  • Product A will be available on the 1st of September
  • Product B will be available on the 3rd of September
  • Product C will be available on the 1st of October

Then, the minimum shipping date will be the 1st of October (i.e: the minimum date when all products will be available).

Preorders for WooCommerce Step 9a

Change the title of the Preorder button.

In this option, you can change the title of the button by checking the checkbox for the ‘Change button title for preorder products” and then add the name in the “Add Button Title.”