How to set up the Role Pricing from the product level

Go to plugin settings under the General Tab and choose the Roles that be allowed on price changes

If you’re dealing with a single product, visit the product’s editing page and find the “Bright Role Based Pricing” option. Click on it to access the product-specific settings.

If you’re working with variable products (those with multiple variations), you’ll find this setting under each specific variation.

The product-level settings allow you to do the following:

The product level settings allow you to

  • Choose a user role and customer group for which you want to modify the prices.
  • Specify a fixed price or adjust the price by a percentage or a specific amount.
  • Set minimum and maximum quantities for the product to apply the chosen price.
  • Choose a date range when the prices will be applied

Pricing Priority:

1 – Price Specific to a Customer

2 – Price Specific to a User Role

3 – Regular Product Price