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Ability to enable or disable delivery date for specific product categories

Restring delivery to specific products

Use this setting to allow delivery only for this products. This setting has precedence over the weekday settings.

Restrict delivery date only for the products bellow

It shows the delivery date field only for the selected product / categories. If it is turned off, it will show delivery date field according the default “Enable delivery date” setting


The list of products available for delivery, all settings will be applied only for these products

Product Categories

The list of categories available for delivery, all settings will be applied only for these product categories

Specific Products by weekday

Navigate to custom schedules and create a new schedule based on product

Custom Schedule

Custom Schedule – by Product

Schedule based on: Settings applied based on products in cart

Enable/Disable Delivery fields: Disable/Enable for specific products

Products: Products to apply this setting

Product Categories: Categories to apply

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